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Individual Therapy

Individual therapy, or talk therapy or counseling, focuses on providing one-on-one sessions between you and your therapist. These sessions offer a safe, confidential environment where

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EMDR Therapy

As a specialized form of psychotherapy, EMDR therapy focuses on helping people process and heal from traumatic experiences. However, EMDR therapy can also be used

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Family Therapy

Interactions between family members can create conflict, and family therapy works to address and improve those interactions through various means of communication and treatment. Major

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Couples Therapy

Conflicts are a normal part of healthy relationships. Nearly all couples experiences highs and lows, but many need help in overcoming emotional hurts and wounds

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Clinical Supervision

Are you an Associate Clinical Social Worker (ACSW) or Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (AMFT) pursuing licensure in California? Clinical supervision is an essential component

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Consulting Services

We’re here to help! Our team is dedicated to providing companies and organizations with expert mental health guidance and support. Whether you’re in the film

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Message Monarchs Therapy

Our virtual clinic is a safe space that fosters emotional growth and well-being through personalized mental health therapy.